Air Conditioning Springfield, Escape The Heat This Summer

Air Conditioning Springfield

Air Conditioning Springfield, Escape The Heat This Summer

Air Conditioning Will Do A Better Job Than 10 Well Placed Fans

Don’t let fans do an air conditioners job, escape the heat this summer with Goodridge Electrical Springfield, with our amazing air conditioning products and excellent service. Experience comfort at its best with the world’s top brands professionally installed by experienced and fully insured electricians. Modern air conditioning has been in our lives for over 100 years. Once installed, air conditioners are a great way to keep cool while sinking back a beer on a Sunday afternoon watching test cricket.

During a heatwave, most penny pinchers will have 5-10 fans on during the day to push air around the house to get relief from the heat. For those who prefer comfort but want to save money with the 1 room aircon set up, will probably notice hermit-like behaviour, only coming out of the chilled room for snacks, drinks and for toilet breaks. It doesn’t have to be like this though. While these scenes are common for multi-fan and single unit air conditioner users, a modern air conditioner will have the ability to cool a whole house in combination with a couple of ceiling fans and with none of the expensive power bills and massive initial cost of a split system or multiple units. If money isn’t an issue a ducted system is the way to go with a moderate initial cost, running it for a short time will cool the whole house down in a few minutes making running cost much more effective. They also feature additional capabilities where you can make one room cooler than the other. This works especially well for larger buildings, and homes with several rooms, where you may only want a couple of spaces cooled.

At the end of the day fans aren’t going to make much of a difference as they are only capable of pushing air around. If that air is hot then the only relief you will get will be when you open up the fridge. For maximum chill factor, you simply cannot beat an air conditioner on a scorching summer’s day. At Goodridge Electrical we pride ourselves on providing the best brands at a reasonable cost for units and installation. Call us anytime on 0415 172 590 or visit our website for info.

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